We provision and support a range of Business phone lines, telephone systems, and cloud hosted phone systems for all types of businesses, whatever your size. Single or multi line circuits with all the functions and features delivered with excellent customer service and support to keep your business communicating.

CloudComms PSTN – Our standard phone line service, we manage the line on your behalf and will handle any faults associated with it.

Voice over IP (VOIP & SIP)

CloudTalk – Our Cloud based Voice over IP (VOIP) Telephony & SIP service delivered over Broadband or Fibre. Provides for Multiple Extensions and includes features such as Call Routing, Hold Music, Voicemail (from Handset or Email).

The Key Features of our CloudTalk VOIP Service are:

  • Number Porting – Port your existing Phone Number to VOIP and save on monthly Line Rental and cheaper call rates
  • Call Routing – Flexible and simple call plans to match all Call Routing requirements
    • Hunt Groups – Ring multiple VOIP extensions to make sure the call gets answered
    • Call delivery assurance – Allows you to prevent individual extension voicemail activating in an overall call routing plan
    • Messaging while routing – Deliver an audio message whilst your caller is waiting for the call to go through
    • Time of day routing – Alternative routing plans to match your operational hours
  • Voicemail – Available for any extension on your package, with optional PIN security control
    • Voicemail to Email – Each extension can have an Email associated with it for missed call alerts and voice message delivery
  • Call Forwarding – Extensions can be forwarded to other VOIP extensions, landlines or mobile numbers
  • Call Transfer – Attended and Blind transfers
  • Music On Hold – Default hold music or the ability to upload your own audio files
  • Music Whilst Ringing – Play your own audio message or music as an alternative to a ringing tone
  • Caller ID – Inbound and Outbound Caller ID
  • Call Waiting – Incoming calls on a second line rather than just a beep indicator
  • 3 Way Calling – An ad-hoc mini conference call for 3 parties
  • Softphone App on mobiles – Stay connected whilst on the move