CloudAir WiFi – Take control of your airspace!

Own your airspace with an unrivalled WiFi service for your customers providing you with actionable insights and valuable data. Built on cloud based infrastructure the CloudAir WiFi service provides a Portal that puts you in control. Highly customisable Splash pages and Journeys allow you to deliver your Branding and messages during your customer’s online experience. Your customer gets a fast, efficient, safe and compliant service that is easy to connect to regardless of their device. Data is collected in real-time with portal access to Dashboards and Reports so that you can see exactly who is using your service, when, how often and for how long. You can run marketing campaigns directly through the portal or easily extract the data to use in other marketing platforms.

Key Features & Benefits 

  • Real-time Analytics – Create value with access to actionable real-time analytics at a venue, company or group level
  • Ease of Use – One time registration through a pre-defined form or Social Media account with subsequent visits “remembered” for simple reconnection
  • Terms & Conditions – Customers sign up as valid users of the service to be used in a responsible and lawful manner
  • Social Media – Harness the power of Social Media allowing customers to share their experience and in turn boost your profile
  • Targeted Marketing – Update guests with information about new menu options, wine choices, seasonal events and offers, straight to their phones.
  • Revenue Generation – Create new revenue streams through third party advertising and sponsorship of the splash page and messaging
  • GDPR Compliant – Meet the requirements for the General Data Protection Regulation
  • Content Filtering – Safe and family friendly content for Public WiFi
  • Micro Surveys – Get feedback about your products and services