SecuritySecurity and protection of your digital and a data assets has never been more challenging, with new threats and methods of attack emerging all the time.

Modern threats use multiple vectors to attack, from malicious email attachments to infected web ads to phishing sites. Criminals combine a range of threat technologies, deployed in numerous stages to infect computers and networks. This blended approach increases the likelihood of success, the speed of contagion, and the severity of damage.

Multi-vector attacks are designed to exploit the blind spots of signature-based security, allowing malware to infiltrate systems undetected. Unfortunately, even modern endpoint solutions still rely—at least in part—on signature-based detection models. This approach only protects end users once the threat is known, and after the vendor has created a signature and it has been updated on the endpoint, which is often too late.

Even newer, so-called “next-generation” endpoint solutions, which are typically more effective than their traditional competitors, are ill-equipped to fight modern attacks, as many only protect endpoints at the infection stage, and only across a single vector.

The only way to stop zero-day threats is with multi-vector endpoint protection that can secure users and their devices at every stage of an attack, across every possible attack vector.

Our CloudProtect service deploys Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection offering a unique security approach that protects against threats across numerous vectors; including email, web browsing, file attachments, hyperlinks, display ads, social media apps, and connected devices like USB drives, as well as other blended threats with the potential to deliver malicious payloads.

Because SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection is fully cloud-based, there are no definitions or signatures to deploy and manage. Malware detection occurs continuously in real time, so performance issues fade away. Scheduled systems scans are normally around 18 seconds and never impact device performance, even on virtual desktop and server environments, as well as embedded operating systems.

All of this is centrally managed, monitored and maintained for peace of mind with minimal overhead.

CloudProtect – Multi-vector Endpoint protection against Virus, Malware, Spyware and Phishing threats. Zero-hour security, centrally managed and monitored.